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Risk Management



The Reality

With changes in legislation, Health & Safety education and training is no longer an option.  Employers have a legal duty to provide safety education and training to all staff.  This includes ensuring qualified leadership and competent supervision.  Failure to do so could have significant consequences on corporate operations, including intervention and compliance orders issued by the Ministry of Labour.  Stop work orders, fines, work refusals and civil lawsuits can result in significant lost revenue and, ultimately, damage a company's reputation.  Worst of all, someone could get seriously injured or killed.  Employee safety must be a priority.  Effective risk management starts with making the right choices.  Investing in an effective and qualified Health & Safety program simply makes good business 'cents.' 


Your Partner In Workplace Safety

At TOTAL Safety Management, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in meeting their workplace safety goals.  Our comprehensive Health & Safety programs focus on safe work practices and prevention through early hazard recognition and assessment.  Open dialogue and a defined reporting structure stress the importance of the Internal Responsibility System (IRS).  As a member of your Health & Safety Team, we focus on three main objectives:

  1. Safety-Prevention through proactive co-ordination of safety education and awareness.
  2. Accountability-Due diligence in providing accurate and competent performance measurement.
  3. Compliance-Ensuring your company meets all legislative requirements and industry best practices.

The Total Safety Advantage

As a key member of your safety and security Team, our role is to provide effective hands-on, team-oriented solutions.  From conducting initial research to preparing and presenting effective solutions, our project management services deliver innovation through concept, design and integration.  Whether short-term projects or long-term coordination and full program implementation and management, TOTAL Safety Management can customize a health and safety program that works for you.  We meet with you on a regular basis and provide status reports and updates throughout the Heath & Safety program design and implementation process.  Allowing you more time to focus on day-to-day business operations.  By providing qualified advice and/or recommendations, our goal is to ensure your Health & Safety program meets all legislative requirements and, more importantly, exceeds your specific safety goals and objectives.  


What Does Having A Co-ordinator Do For Your Business?

The primary advantage of hiring TOTAL Safety Management is that you can advise the Ministry of Labour (MOL) and WSIB that you have a designated Health & Safety Co-ordinator. As your official Safety representative, our role is to advise and co-ordinate all aspects of your Health & Safety program and policies, as well as implement and manage all employee training.  In addition, we act as your official corporate spokesperson on behalf of all Health & Safety issues and serve as the official liaison between your company and government agencies.  Our experienced Health & Safety Co-ordinators can be contracted on either a full-time or part-time basis and can be reached any time for information and/or advice.  As a key member of your organization, the Health & Safety Co-ordinator is an invaluable member of your corporate Safety Team.


How To Get Started?

The first step is to contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our Health & Safety Co-ordinators.  We start with a review of your current business operations and corporate growth strategy.  This is followed by an audit of your existing Health & Safety program.  Giving us detailed insight to current Health & Safety policies and programs, compliance status and identifying critical areas requiring immediate attention.  Working one-on-one with our clients, we develop a detailed Health & Safety plan, including recommendations, prioritization of corporate safety goals and a timeline for program implementation.  To get started or to request more information email us at [email protected].  




A safe and efficient workplace achieved by minimizing your risk exposure and liability through accurate hazard assessment, effective policies and innovative program design and development.



Qualified instruction that includes program development, performance measurement, evaluation and tracking.  Empowering your staff  with the knowledge and confidence to make the right decision.




Customized employee online learning and evaluation materials.


On-site training at the client's location or off-site at one of our fully-equipped Skills Training centres, conveniently located in Burlington and Waterloo.